Ancient Mediterranean Studies Courses for Fall 2019
Times of class meetings are on the Google doc of classes

Anth 112Z: Theoretical Approaches in Archaeology. Wilson
Anth 197GI: GIS Spatial Analysis. Gidding
Anth 201A: Classical Archaeological Theory. Smith
Anth 206: Current Problems in Archaeology. McClure

Arthi 105P: Medieval Art and Architecture. Badamo
Arthi 141MH: Museums and History. TBA
Arthi 187H: Museums in Transition. Paul

Class 102: Greek Tragedy. Segal
Class 171: Greek Archaeology and Literature. Gallucci
Class 233: Seminar in Ancient History. MacLean
Greek 158/258: Homer. Shilo
Latin 123/223: Tacitus. MacLean

Hist 145A: Origins of Islam to 1000. Sabra
Hist 201E: Advanced Historical Literature. Lee

Phil 151/251G: Pre-Socratics. McKirahan
Phil 152/252G: Plato. Tsouna

RgSt 115A: Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. Garr
RgSt 127A: Ancient Christian Thought and Cultures. Mazza
RgSt 130: Judaism. Hecht
RgSt 292RM: Special Topics (Papyrology). Mazza
RgSt 592: Directed Reading: Coptic Tutorial. Thomas

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