Faculty in Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Core faculty are resident in the participating departments, and can serve as AMS advisors. Affiliate faculty do not serve as AMS advisors, but participate actively in AMS activities, and offer classes that fulfill AMS requirements. Though the focus is the circum-Mediterranean regions from roughly the Bronze Age to the early Middle Ages, AMS encourages the involvement of faculty in other periods and regions as affiliated members because of the productive conversations that ensue.
If you are a faculty member and would like to become involved in AMS, please contact us.
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Participating Departments
The departments currently participating in AMS are Anthropology, Classics, History, History of Art & Architecture, and Religious Studies.
Here is information on adding a department to the emphasis.

Steering Committee
Brice Erickson, Classics
John W. I. Lee, History
Stuart Smith, Anthropology
Christine M. Thomas, Religious Studies (Chair)
Fikret Yegül, Art History
For information about the administration of AMS and its steering committee, click here.

Distinguished Senior Researcher
Nancy A. Winter
Nancy A. Winter received her B.A. cum laude in Classics at UCSB and her PhD. in Classical Archaeology from Bryn Mawr College; she is Librarian Emerita of the Blegen Library at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Greece. She organized and edited the proceedings of two conferences on Greek architectural terracottas, and has published two books: Greek Architectural Terracottas from the Prehistoric to the End of the Archaic Period (Oxford Monographs on Classical Archaeology), Oxford 1993 and Symbols of Wealth and Power: Architectural Terracotta Decoration in Etruria and Central Italy, 640-510 B.C. (Supplement to the Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome 9), Ann Arbor 2009.

Some of Dr. Winter's recent publications include: "New Light on the Production of Decorated Roofs of the 6th C. B.C. at Sites in and around Rome," JRA 22 (2009) 6-28(co-authored with I. Iliopoulos and A.J. Ammerman); "Sistemi decorativi di tetti ceretani fino al 510 a.C.," Mediterranea 5, 2008 (2009) 187-196; "Solving the Riddle of the Sphinx on the Roof," in Etruscan by Definition. Papers in Honour of Sybille Haynes, J. Swaddling & P. Perkins (eds.), (British Museum Research Publication 173), London 2009, pp. 69-72; "The Caprifico Roof in its Wider Context," in D. Palombi (ed.), Il tempio arcaico di Caprifico di Torrecchia (Cisterna di Latina): I materiali e il contesto, Cori 2010, pp. 113-122; and Etruria I. Architectural Terracottas and Painted Wall Plaques, Pinakes c. 625-200 B.C. Catalogue, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (co-authored with J. Christiansen), Copenhagen 2010..

Core Faculty
Beth DePalma Digeser, History. Politics, religion, and philosophy in the third-century Roman empire.
Hal Drake, History. Fourth-century Roman history, tranformation of empire around Constantine.
Brice Erickson, Classics. Archaic and classical Greek archaeology; ceramics.
W. Randall Garr, Religious Studies. Hebrew Bible, ancient Near East religions, NW Semitic languages.
Frances V. Hickson Hahn, Classics. Public cult of Republican and Augustan Rome.
Richard Hecht, Religious Studies. Intersections of religion, politics, and culture; history of Judaism.
Stephen Humphreys, History. Christianity in Syria during early Islamic rule.
John W. I. Lee, History. Classical Greece, social and cultural aspects of ancient warfare.
Robert Morstein-Marx, Classics. Republican and early imperial Rome; political culture and rhetoric.
Jo-Ann Shelton, Classics. Roman social and cultural history; tragedy, epistolography.
Stuart Smith, Anthropology. Archaeology of Egypt; ceramics; imperialism between ancient Egypt and Nubia.
Christine Thomas, Religious Studies. Archaeology of religion in Roman Asia Minor; early Christianity.
Fikret Yegül, Art History. Roman art and architecture; archaeological exploration of Sardis.

Affiliated Faculty
Apostolos Athanassakis, Classics. Language of Homer and Hesiod, comparative mythology.
Edward English, History. Medieval-Renaissance Italy; manuscript studies; sexual and economic ethics.
Roger Friedland, Religious Studies. Religion and public life, nationalism and institutional practices.
Ralph Gallucci, Classics. Comparative myth; archaeology and texts; epigraphy.
Carol Pasternack, English. Old and Middle English literature, oral and textual theory, gender.
Voula Tsouna, Philosophy. Ancient Greek philosophy; Socrates, Plato, and Hellenistic philosophy.

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