Ancient Borderlands Research Focus Group
Int 594AB: Ancient Borderlands

List of presenters and topics, 2009-2010

October 5: Opening Reception

October 19: Daniel Schowalter, Co-Director of Omrit Excavations
“Too Many Temples: Interpreting the Evidence at Omrit in Northern Israel”

  • Reading: Michael C. Nelson, “A Preliminary Review of the Architecture of Omrit: The Temple Area” (unpublished work-in-progress)

November 6: Profs. Sarah Morris & John Papadopoulos, Department of Classics, UCLA
“Mound and Memory: Excavating the Burial Tumulus of Lofkënd in Albania”
Sponsored by the Archaeology Research Focus Group, UCSB

  • Readings: Ian Morris, “Archaeology as Cultural History,” chapter 1 of idem, Archaeology as Cultural History: Words and Things in Ancient Greece (Malden, Mass.: Blackwell, 2000) 3-33; and Siân Jones, “Discourses of Identity in the Interpretation of the Past,” in: Julian Thomas, ed., Intepretive Archaeology: A Reader (London: Leicester University, 2000) 445-57.

November 16: Prof. Harold Drake, History, UCSB
“Religious Violence and Political Legitimacy in Late Antiquity”

  • Reading: Harold Drake, “Religious Violence and Political Legitimacy in Late Antiquity” (unpublished work-in-progress).

November 30: Prof. Giulia Sissa, Classics and Political Science, UCLA
“Amor Mora Metamorphosis Roma: On Ovid's Opera Omnia”

January 22:
Prof. Dennis MacDonald, Claremont School of Theology
“Why Scholars Have Been Unable to Define the Gospel Genre:
The Underappreciated Role of Literary Models (including Homer)”

  • Reading: Dennis R. MacDonald, “A Critique of Critics of ‘Mimesis Criticism’,” Occasional Papers of the Institute for Antiquity and Christianity 53, Claremont, CA

February 1: Participants of the History Graduate Research Seminar 2009
Individual presentations on “The Ancient City”

  • Reading 1 • Reading 2: Abstracts of ten seminar papers

February 19: Prof. Heidi Marx-Wolf, Religion, University of Manitoba
“Pythagoras the Theurgist: Images of the Ideal Philosopher in Late Platonism”

  • Reading: Bart Ehrman, Introduction to the New Testament (4th ed.; New York: Oxford, 2007) 69-72; Iamblichus, On the Pythagorean Way of Life, ed. John Dillon, Jackson Herschbell (SBL Texts and Translations 29; Atlanta, Ga.: Scholars Press, 1991) 30-31, 84-85, 88-91, 115-23, 135-37, 148-51.

March 1: Prof. Glenn Patten, Classics, UCSB
“Subsumptions: Justice and the Law in Greek Oratory”

  • Reading: C. Carey, “Nomos in Attic Rhetoric and Oratory,” Journal of Hellenic Studies, 116 (1996) 33-46.

March 8: Prof. Philip Rousseau, Andrew W. Mellon Distinguished Professor of Early Christian Studies; Director, Center for the Study of Early Christianity, Catholic University of America
“Barbarian 'Modernity' and the Endurance of Romanitas:
Some Continuity Issues Revisited”

  • Reading 1 • Reading 2: Selections from Symmachus apud Cassiodorus, Orosius, Sidonius, and Gregory of Tours.

April 2: Professor Andrew Lear, Pomona College
"Images of Ancient Greek Pederasty:
The Way Greek Artists Portrayed Their Culture’s Homoerotic Customs"

  • Reading: Andrew Lear and Eva Cantarella, Images of Ancient Greek Pederasty: Boys Were Their Gods (London: Routledge, 2008) 1-37, 189-93.

April 19: Prof. Roger Friedland, Sociology and Religious Studies, UCSB
“The Constitution of Religious Political Violence:
Institutions, Culture and Power”
with a response by Prof. Thomas Sizgorich, History, UCI

  • Reading: Roger Friedland, “The Constitution of Religious Political Violence: Institutions, Culture and Power” in Jeffrey C. Alexander, Ronald Jacobs and Philip Smith, eds.,  The Oxford Handbook of Cultural Sociology (unpublished work-in-progress).

May 3: Prof. Ra’anan Boustan, History, UCLA
“The Rabbinic Sage as Martyred Saint:
Transformations of Jewish Narrative and Liturgy in Late Antiquity”

  • Reading: Daniel Boyarin, Dying for God: Martyrdom and the Making of Judaism and Christianity (Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University, 1999) 93-126.

May 21: Prof. Amy Richlin, Classics, UCLA
“Roman Comedy as Slave Theater”

  • Reading: Elizabeth Rawson, “Freedmen in Roman Comedy,” in Ruth Scodel, ed., Theater and Society in the Classical World (Ann Arbor, Mich.: University of Michigan, 1993) 215-33.

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